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New Anmol Vachan
New Anmol Vachan

New Anmol Vachan

New Anmol Vachan

New Anmol Vachan

Anger, a person could work with the worst, he is himself an animal level of flame, which is rough because he is doing the same.

Although it kind a fun for a few moments or her work force may provide, but the realization of malfunction in many ways is also an intolerable suffering for himself. So it is that a mains the victim and another Hunter, actually they both are the same, both suffer.
So what should you be? No, you are the work that those things can be helpful in stopping by, but you can’t change all things.

It makes no difference what kind of person you are, if you are Superman, even on things of the external world full control will not be possible, but your internal conditions may be full control. It is always possible. Now some reasons external things have been out of control.
There are people in the world are rape, murders and crimes of all kinds are also engaged in. So what it’s important that you keep things in control?
Suppose is a crazy and put in the way. If you hate and anger towards that person crazythen you and what remained? He raped you want to slay him.
So it has remained and have difference? It doesn’t mean that you should not do in this circumstance.

You, who do you hate and anger, but remember to by typing whatever you will, it will not matter. Unfortunately for most people fear, anger and hatred are the most powerful experience in their lives. His love, peace and joy doesn’t ever so deep.

They experience the power of negative conditions. The way you experience strength in anger, in the same way that the power lust of rapist experience. It is the most powerful condition, which she experiences in your life. It is the condition in which he gets to dominate physically other.

That is why he has been doing and that’s what explanations you give for being angry. He is no different. Are just different. Is a socially accepted and the other not. That’s all the difference, the rest both actions are coming from the same base.
How you react depends on what circumstances you are, who you are and what your capabilities. In every situation you might not react the same way. If you have any work to the influential ways and means you can answer in a manner.

If you have to respond to that moment there are strengths and resourcesyou may want to stay calm and consider the moment after that what can be done in this case. But this in turn does not have an operation. Imagine you hate instead of love and compassion can move forward with why? Whatever you do, do it, why not move forward with the conscience? The most beautiful things will be in your life, when you move from conscience to take action, not angry.

The victim and the attacker both humiliated in my life are the same wayOne is their own price decrease, the other because of an insult and is happening. If you want to do either of them not only with you could say that you love, you are working from a female or a male as you are dealing with identity, which may not produce healthier world.

All these sufferings are created simply because people always a particular group, religion, race, country or work with gender identity. If you work without an identity, you just work with prudence and see what you want or not.

If you were stuck in cruel and rude responses of the point that expounding so you will not be able to judge. Will not bring prosperity, happiness in the world. Then you simply cut the second evil an evil will remain and it is not a solution. Can only find a solution to this problem, when you work to identify when you work with discretion.

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