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Bihar Elections

Bihar Elections Results Live Counting 08 November 2015 Bihar Elections 2015 Find Delhi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Election Candidates List News live Update New Bihar : With exit polls predicting a majority for AAP, the party has geared up for celebrations on the counting day on Tuesday and has made elaborate preparations at the party office in Patel Nagar. Exit polls suggest that Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP will defeat Kiran Bedi’s BJP in the Delhi assembly elections Party chief Arvind Kejriwal is also expected to reach the Patel Nagar office in the morning on Tuesday and address workers after the results are declared.
Bihar Elections Results Live Counting 08 November 2015 Bihar election results live updates 2015 Bihar Polls 2015 Summary

Bihar Elections

                          Bihar election results live updates 2015
Delhi elections became a high profile affair as they were concerned with the national capital only, but caught the imagination of the entire nation. The Bharatiya Janata Party seemed to have been taken aback by the exit polls predictions of Delhi Assembly elections which have predicted Delhi went ahead with the polling for the legislative assembly Bihar Elections on Saturday. The electorate of Delhi turned up in large numbers to cast their franchise and to contribute towards bringing about the much needed change.
Speculative market also ‘you ‘have been predicting victory. Make the dainikbhas at howdo bookmaker sfindthe com with Delhi win/lose all seats on speculative market estimates havestock. According to speculative market, Bihar Elections you have to price the BJP 26 and Congress can find5 seats. Speculative market estimates tags poll results is very close. Six TV channels and survey agencies ‘you ‘is predicting victory. An average of six “in you to etags pole 44, BJP26 and Congress is estimated to meet the three seats.
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Live vote counting Delhi vidhan sabha assembly election 10 February 2015 at, Delhi assembly election party wise result
We all 70 seats our Excel sports (political analyst Dr. Vinay Prakash and Ajit Singh) alsotook the assessment. According Bihar Elections to him, the Delhi BJP 41, ‘you can get 22 seats and the Congress are 8.
We all 70 seats our Excel sports (political analyst Dr. Vinay Prakash and Ajit Singh) alsotook the assessment. According to him, the Delhi BJP 41, ‘you can get 22 seats and the Congress are 8.
On the other hand, TV channel AAJ Tak were part of the ‘ parsepshan ‘ pole ‘ in you ‘ and the idea of combat between the BJP has thorns. Parsepshan pole so significantbecause it operates amongst every constituency interact, assess their mood is extracted findings. By voting on the basis of the opinion of the 48 hours before the results of the pollof 70 parsep connection out of 36 seats of the implicit result was reported. These BJP 14 ‘you’re 16 and Congress can find 6 seats. The other 34 seats or so ‘you ‘-BJP described the struggle in tough combat or triangular. Triangular against third-party Congress.
An estimate of 70 seats at a glance
Guess you BJP Congress total seat
Satorie 39 26 05 70
Expert 22 41 07 70
Principals poll 16 14 6 36/70 (the remaining 34 seats to counter stiff)
Etags pole 35-43 25-33 0-02 all 70 seat
Most of all its 70 seats–
According to bookies win number whose seat till parsep looking extension connection pole-winning expert who, in the opinion of the win because the last time sapart who won the last time the leader of the party which WINS
1 narela BJP stiff countered BJP
It is the seat of the BJP and the BSP was the second against last time. This time, you are vulnerable to the Congress.
Nildaman Khatri BJP
2 barred you BJP
Sanjeev JHA you
3 timarpur BJP tough combat
1. Rajni abbi was second last time.
2. The time you made the mistake by the candidate.Harish KhannaYou
4 Adarsh Nagar BJP the BJP the BJP the BJP‘s RAM Kishan Singhal won the seat last timehis image nice RAM Kishan Singhal BJP
5 badli you Congress Congress last won the Congressional seat. This time Congress islikely to win the same candidate is fielded. Devendra Prasad Yadav Congress

6 rithala BJP the BJP the BJP the BJP’s strong seat this seat. Party here last year and also won in the 2008 election was kulwant Rana BJP

7 bavana (Su) You Triangular countered BJP won the last time the BJP had time either candidate is lowered into the ground. Gagan Singh, BJP

Congress Congress Congress tightened 8th mundaka combat 1. Candidate Rita buffhusband ramvir buff here last time independents won. This time the Congress his wifenominee. Ramvir campaigning fiercely in support of the Rita did. Ramvir buff independents

9. kiradi You Tough combat you kiradi seat is occupied by the last two election Anil JHA. They arecontenders to win this time. Anil JHA BJP

10. sultanpuri (Su) BJP Congress you in the last election this seat was won byCongress jaikishen. He beat you Sandeep Kumar. Jaikishen

11 nangaloi BJP the BJP the BJP last time BJP Congress seized the seat of Manoj wasfond. This time he got the support of the people. Manoj Kumar buff BJP

12 mangolpuri (eyelet) you tightened combat you

1. Never ever dominate the BJP seat. The last time you had seized it from Congress seat.

2. You will also win this time the thread bidlan contenders to support his people. Rakhi bidlan you

13 Rohini you BJP the BJP won seats last time by you. But this time you seen outrage over people who could bring forward to the BJP. Rajesh Garg you

14 Shalimar garden you

1. Are you Vandana Kamari’s last winner? You rely on them to hold. While the BJP last timeranraap is not the ticket to newcomers by Wade. Vandana Kumari you

15 shakurpur colony you last you three times are quite unexpected results of this seat. The party won once here he dobar Bihar Elections encountered. BJP has tickets to the time SC Watts who joined BJP from Congress. One Satyendra Jain you

16 trigger you stiff competition over the past several elections on the BJP seat 2-2 time the Congress and BJP win coming running order. The last time the BJP candidates won these at. NAND Kishore Garg BJP

17 vaporizer BJP

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